Podcast Episode: Housing Reporter Sean Keenan on Why Housing Reporting is Essential

Sean Keenan’s work can be found in The New York Times, Atlanta Magazine, The Daily Beast and Vice — just to name a few places. Sean is a freelance reporter and he also covers housing for the Atlanta Civic Circle. He joined The Lead podcast, another project with the Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management, and Leadership to talk about why housing reporting is essential, the importance of holding public officials accountable, balancing accountability with objectivity and what drives him to keep covering housing. 

Sean Keenan also shared his insights on covering evictions for this piece on our website: How to Cover Evictions, and you can find more information about covering the intersection of housing and poverty with our Housing Beat Guide.

Hear freelance and housing reporter Sean Keenan discuss why housing reporting is essential and more.

Kyra Posey is a graduate student studying journalism at the University of Georgia. 

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