2023 SABEW College Connect Stories

Read our stories on financial insecurity while in college, written by our 2023 SABEW College Connect Fellows.

How students can overcome financial struggles to stay in school
By Allison Mawn

Navigating financial stress in college
By Ella Kroll

Pell Grants: Making college affordable for low to middle-income students
By Ellie Pool

How financially independent students navigate college costs
By Jesse Wood

A new and improved FAFSA form
By Kendall Kelly

The cost of convenience: College meal plans
By Lola Murti

Navigating the price of standing out as a college student
By Molly Langdon

Financial barriers are removed for students at the University Health Center
By Nicole Collier

Making taxes work for you
By Niyati Patel

FOMO spending: a phenomenon sweeping college campuses
By Sarah Fredrickson